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Valerieann’s Simple Steps to Start Playing

Free Beginner Video Course

Video #1 - Permission to Play (3:04)

Learn easy ways to walk into playing and having fun... with paint!

  • Welcome to the course.

  • Get your playing done first.

  • What challenges are you experiencing?

  • Learn how to play with paint.

Video #2 - Let's Get Started (6:52)

All you need is a pencil and paper. Let’s begin!

  • Just start now, it doesn't have to be perfect!

  • Do what feels good.

  • You are unique.

  • Every way is correct.

  • Notice how your feel.

  • Trust how you feel and have fun!

Video #3 - Play with Some Happy (0:51)

Dance, swim or leap into life.

  • Find happy.

  • Draw happy and see what happens.

  • Play with some happy.

Video #4 - Draw Your Feelings (1:28)

Emotions flow, explode and dissipate.

  • Find anger.

  • Express that anger.

  • Notice the differences.

  • Explore other emotions.

Video #5 - A Story of Healing (3:06)

Tap into your power. What’s trying to emerge through you?

  • Frustration when comparing to others.

  • Expressing what you cannot put into words.

  • Give yourself permission to express your emotions.

Video #6 - What Supplies Do I Need? (0:58)

Fun, creative tricks and tips to keep it easy. Let’s play!

  • Keep it simple and basic.

  • Be creative and make it doable.

Video #7 - Which Type of Paint? (1:54)

What excites the little child in you?

  • Acrylic or Oil Paint?

  • Pros and cons for both.

  • Which type does your inner child want?

Video #8 - Brushes Brushes Brushes (1:19)

Round, square, synthetic or real hair . . . What do i choose?

  • So many brush choices.

  • What feels good to you?

  • You just need one.

Video #9 - Choosing Your Canvas (1:52)

Size, depth, cotton or linen . . . which one is best?

  • So many canvas choices.

  • The most important thing to consider.

  • Give yourself the freedom to play.

Video #10 - I Just Wanna Paint (2:16)

No messy palettes to clean, I like it easy and fun!

  • There are many types of palettes.

  • I like to make it easy.

  • Easy clean up.

Video #11 - How Do I Clean My Brushes? (4:10)

Have fun creating your brush cleaning tank.

  • Acrylic Paint - Rinse in water

  • Oil Paint - Cleaning solution and a silicoil brush cleaning tank

Create your tank using cans from your kitchen!

Video #12 - What About an Easel? (2:41)

Use a table easel, pile of books, floor easel or none at all.

  • Make your own table easel.

  • Make it out of wood.

  • Make it out of cardboard.

Keep Playing!

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