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The Journey of One Hundred Paintings

100 Paintings Journey (3:50)

Years ago I had the thought, “What if I play first, then do my work?” . . . Well, I’m still playing, it worked! Earlier this year another idea dropped in, “What if I paint a one hundred painting series? What would happen if I just painted and painted and painted?” I am about to find out! In the past I expertly created the illusion of realism on canvas. The paintings in this new series are very different. I’m out of my head, diving into my heart, just feeling and painting spontaneously. I have no preconceived plan or idea as I begin to paint. Brushstroke by brushstroke, color by color, images magically emerge onto the canvas that surprise and delight me. I invite you to witness each painting birthed into life on the time lapsed, meditative videos below. Join this evolutionary journey as I transform into more of me. . . . playing with paint.   

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#1 of 100 “Diving Deep Within” (2:38)

Excitedly I jumped into my fun playful self and started painting. This is number one of one hundred in my new painting series. I was very surprised when images I was not consciously painting began showing up on the canvas. As I stood back to observe the painting I saw two birds (maybe you see them as something else). Some people have seen a crow, a fox and a dog. I was in awe as I discovered the contemplative little boy sitting in the cave. I recognized it as an aspect of my child self that has many feelings associated with it. What do the images, colors and shapes bring up in you? What message is speaking to your heart?

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#2 of 100 “Naked” (1:43)

Surprised . . . that’s how I felt when I stood back and looked at this painting. The images I saw made me smile because I had not intentionally inserted them. Peering into the colors I noticed many forms . . . male and female in various sizes, a bird soaring downward, numerous heads, trees, even the hint of a large horse head encompassing the canvas. Take a look deep within yourself. What else do you see? What do you feel?   

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#3 of 100 “Living Waters” (1:35)

One hundred paintings in six months. Can I do it? In this painting series I am tuning into deeper and deeper aspects of myself. I was surprised to see a horse flow out of the paintbrush. I didn’t even know it was there until I stood back to observe the painting. What images do you see?

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#4 of 100 “Sunbeam” (2:19)

I’m excited to share painting number four of one hundred. These paintings are meditation paintings, inner landscapes if you will. I’m having a lot of fun seeing what shows up in the paintings. In this one I see birds, sun beams, landscapes, children, all co-existing in dimensions beyond time. All possibilities exist in the land of the unknown. What do you see?

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#5 of 100 “True Colors” (0:56)

This bird from some other world magically emerged from the paint. It seems to symbolize integrity and the beauty of showing our true colors. Do you see the faces peeking from behind the bird? This painting is alive with flowers, birds and beings. Do you notice the creatures living as if deep in the sea? It’s fascinating to observe. What does this painting say to you? What Kind of Bird Are You?

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#6 of 100 “Spontaneous” (1:45)

This bird from some other world magically emerged from the paint. It seems to symbolize integrity and the beauty of showing our true colors. Do you see the faces peeking from behind the bird? This painting is alive with flowers, birds and beings. Do you notice the creatures living as if deep in the sea? It’s fascinating to observe. What does this painting say to you? What Kind of Bird Are You?

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#7 of 100 “Into Infinity” (2:15)

Images merged in a vastitude of color and spirals. I’m amused as I witness what seems to be a person holding their own head. “Getting rid of your thoughts and dropping into your heart,” that IS what happens when I paint. What do you see? People, fish, a heart? Each person’s journey with a painting is uniquely their journey. Are there symbolisms for the images? Maybe Google would know . . . what does it mean to you? How do the colors and shapes resonate in your being? Connect with your heart, enjoy your trip into the paint.

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#8 of 100 “Emotional Dragon" (3:27)

I had a lot of emotions as I stepped to the easel, feelings I had no name for. I picked up a brush and began painting, letting the paint and color flow. I let my emotions explode onto the canvas. As the painting took form, my feelings started to shift and change. As I stood back and looked at the painting, I noticed my emotions were completely different than when I started. I felt a resolution of the emotions. Look at the painting, the colors are beautiful. I love it! What do you see? What do you feel? Do you have any emotional dragons?

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#9 of 100 “Emotional Resolution" (2:15)

This painting shows remnants of the passionate energy I felt in number eight. The colors are less intense, muted and dissolved into something else. As I painted my feelings, they evolved and transformed. I felt them go out my arm and into the painting where I could enjoy them outside of me. It was fun to see what the energy created. What do you see? What do you feel? Do you have any emotions you’d like to splash on a canvas?

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#10 of 100 “Magical Journey" (5:01)

Allow yourself to pause and drop into this moment. As you do so, have that soft awareness of your own questions. Be open to insights and answers. What pops up for you? What touches your heart? Listen to what is says to you. Allow the spark of what you see, your feelings, your truth, to relay guidance from within.

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#11 of 100 “In The Flow" (1:10)

Every time I paint, I feel different things. The colors that I choose and how I use my brush are chosen by my mood. This painting was completed in one setting using oil paint. I was in a flow and kept going with it. Thanks for joining me as I dive into myself in this painting series of one hundred paintings.

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#12 of 100 “Surrender" (5:50)

There is something that is breathing you, something beyond you that is beating your heart. Imagine that it’s big enough to know your next step. What if you paused and listened to the thing beating your heart as you take each step in your life? As I paint, I surrender to each brushstroke and observe as images pop onto the canvas speaking a language beyond words, whispering messages to the soul. What if you played with all the colors inside you, feeling them without resistance? Pain, sorrow, joy and happiness, being with what is. This allowing opens the door to magic.

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#13 of 100 “Inner Landscape" (4:29)

Our inner world is reflected in our outer world. What is painted on the landscape of your heart? The colors and shapes in this painting create a meditative state that shines a light on our inner landscapes. What do the images bring forth in you?

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#14 of 100 “Outside the Lines" (4:01)

I remember as a small child being able to paint and color feely, spontaneously, then I went to kindergarten. That’s where I learned there were lines and structures and if you colored inside the lines you got more accolades and praise from the teacher. I took on beliefs of how things should be. Do we ever stop and ask if those old stories are still true for us today? “Should I still be coloring inside the lines?” By continually questioning my old thought patterns and beliefs, I am more and more free. Old stories fall away and a joyful me keeps emerging. This is about me tapping into that little girl who loved to play, living life outside the lines.

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#15 of 100 “Language of Light" (2:04)

This painting flew onto the canvas. My first reaction was, “It looks like the cover of a book”. Who’s book? I don’t know. Is it yours? I wasn’t going to include it in the series but it “is” part of the series so here it is. What is the title?

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#16 of 100 “Holding On" (5:23)

It’s about playing. That’s what I do when I paint. I go for the color that just feels good in the moment and start brushing it onto the canvas, flowing from one brush stroke to the next. As I paint I allow the images to emerge and one image might give an idea to the next and I keep flowing with it. The key thing is to stay in the present, focused on the paint and the flow of the paint . . . letting it be messy, free and fun, enjoying every part of it. What do you see? What do you feel? What old stories are still holding on? What’s trying to emerge from you? Be . . . Here . . . Now. 

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#17 of 100 “Mourning the Past" (5:51)

I invite you to take a journey with me, inward to the world of the heart. In this world things look different. Watch as the brushstrokes flow. What images appear? What do you feel? Notice how your ego mind wants to search and find something that it can make sense of. Some images are for the mind and many more will touch the heart. Do you see the elephant? The duck? Or a duckephant? As I continue to follow what I’m feeling, playing with paint everything you just witnessed disappears. I’m, giving no thought as to what it is supposed to be as it transforms into other images. As the images change, are you mourning what they used to be or are you here in the present as the new emerges? What are the elephants, ducks or duckephants from your past? Do you have old stories you’re clinging to as life transforms to something new?Be . . . Here . . . Now . . . open to receive this present moment.  

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#18 of 100 “Transformation" (5:15)

It’s a new day. Transformation exists like the butterfly that spontaneously appeared on the canvas. Possibilities awaits in each moment. What is it that wants to transform inside you? Stop . . . pause . . . listen. Give yourself time for the heart to speak. Drop from your head to your heart, feel inside. Life has loaded a brush with paint awaiting the master’s hand. Surrender to the master painter . . . life, love, You.

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#19 of 100 “Imagination” (4:57)

The little girl in me had lively conversations with her imaginary friends. I ascended to my own world, magically playing . . . it was fun and free. When I paint, the little girl in me comes fully alive, dancing, playful conversations merging in the paint. It’s yummy to watch colors splash on the canvas, witnessing the playfulness of my heart. Stop . . . pause . . . listen. What playful conversations are awaiting you?

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#20 of 100 “Illusions” (4:57)

Illusions that appear real . . . are a big part of oil painting. Mixing and blending to create shapes and forms, illusions with dark and light. What contrasts are showing up in your life? Extreme life experiences are brush strokes of the master's hand creating a masterpiece, The Portrait of YOU.

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#21 of 100 “Perfectionism” (4:27)

When a perfectly planned day gets messed up, is it ruined? This painting had a mind of its own. The letter P was inadvertently painted on the canvas and immediately obliterated. I only saw it when I watched the video and heard its message: “There’s a life being painted of each of us, more perfect than the one we’re working hard to paint.” What if we surrender to those brushstrokes?

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#22 of 100 “Wings of Purpose” (3:38)

The topic of the video (Lost) is in stark contrast to what the painting is showing (wings and light). When we are lost in the dark, it’s hard to see what’s surrounding us. However, the smallest ray of light shines brightest in the darkest night. As I painted this painting, a feeling of reassurance and support filled me . . . then a strength and power flew in on wings that felt like they could carry me wherever I wanted to go. What do you see? I see a being of light in the center top portion. A guardian stands straight and tall on the right side. Light cascades down the middle towards a pool of water at the bottom as a female figure holding a torch catches light and energy in the train of her dress while moving through a passageway into the light on the right. More creatures and beings speak through their way of showing themselves on the left side of the painting.

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#23 of 100 “Portal to Presence” (4:23)

Buried. Buried Alive in a body. The true self covered over with shovel-full after shovel-full of self criticism, self judgement, self blame, self shame . . . creating a dirty reflection in the mirror. How beautiful, how perfect . . . how beautifully perfect . . . like dry, dead leaves falling onto the earth, effortlessly life embraces them, breaks them down, assimilates them . . . drawing on their nutrients for the next generation of life. There is an intelligence directing all of life perfectly. Wrap your arms around the darkness you see in yourself. Hold it like you would a child. Love it and it will nourish your growth. It’s the food for your expansion. All that feels dark, painful, overwhelming or stressful exists as part of a greater cycle of life. Resisting it creates more of it. Loving it creates the contrast needed to paint a beautiful life. It’s where knowledge, awareness, beauty and wisdom come from. Sit with the feelings moving through you. Watch the thoughts pass by and notice life breathing you and beating your heart . . . not needing anything from you. Love, forever present . . . holding you . . . as you. Life bursting from the earth of your body. Buried Alive, forever alive in a beautiful body of flesh and bones wherein you have the gift of being able to “feel” and “experience life.” You’re alive. It’s a miracle!

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